Beyond Baroque Feedback

On Sunday evening, Fred read three poems at Beyond Baroque in Venice. He opened his reading with the poem “Twisted,” which was just published in the UK magazine Splizz. Next up, Fred read “Crab Apple,” and he closed with “The Disclaimer.” The last poem ended with a punch line, and the audience responded with laughter. All poems were met with applause and we were quite happy with how well the evening went. Fred will have his chapbooks and CDs available for purchase at Beyond Baroque in the near future. If you were at the reading on Sunday, we’d love to hear your comments and response to the reading.


One Response to “Beyond Baroque Feedback”
  1. Paul says:

    Too haggard, impatient and stupid to cope with another reading where it’s more about performance than what’s performed, Fred’s work and delivery is a relief…a uniform tonic to rapid-fire, too hot/cold, hyper-political, IMPORTANTLY forgettable snippets one can’t help but drown in.

    I always have to feel/find some pattern: the loaded moment in “Twisted,” the inherited sin of “Crab Apple,” the life-cycle commodity of “The Disclaimer” – they rapidly rack focus between the contents of within to the context we’re haplessly tossed into.

    I concede I’m biased, but not apolitical, and the relief I find in Fred’s work is its lack of an agenda: I’m allowed for a few fleeting moments to reflect on the reflection, not burn a flag or march or be angry. I’m a fragment, spatter or flicker of something much greater, and that’s okay…and that’s a relief.


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