Fred Speaks - Volume 2 - From Beyond Baroque


Fred Chandler’s second CD is a collection of poems read at Beyond Baroque, a historical venue for poetry and writing in Venice, California. This epic recording reaches towards the meanings of human existence, love and relationships, transformation, personal and collective heritage, 9/11, and journeys to the end of the world.

In the poem What Follows, “memory explodes into darkness.” We understand this line at the beginning of the CD as a direction in which to feel the words we hear. It guides the reader—or perhaps it is a forewarning—into the sometimes abyssal darkness of death and tragedy of the poems to follow.

As darkness turns, the poems turn to images of birds, symbols of mind, thought, messengers, wisdom, and transformation. “Listen tomorrow, in the morning. It’s all told in the story the blackbird sings,” Fred states at the end of the poem Heritage. Simultaneously a poet spinning lyrical metaphors and a raconteur, we are assured that meaning lies in waiting, in the dappled morning light, in the simple song of a blackbird’s call.

Yet night falls again as it does at the end of every day, and we are again transported to darkness as it falls at the end of the recording.”My blood-stained boots have walked from far away. The road I traveled took its toll on me, every day. I bury innocent children in shallow dirt graves.” The imagery invoked in these spare and haunting lines hearken loss, longing, guilt and culpability.

These poems take us on a hallucinatory trajectory through sins andsolace, sinners and dreams. What we’re left with in the end is a portrait painted with the most ecstatic and incriminating colors, staggered with beauty and pathos.


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