April Recording – Beyond Baroque Collection

Fred Chandler has recorded a new selection of poems recently performed at Beyond Baroque: “Shush,” “First Hello,” “‘Tis Amore,” “Before Us,” “Sounds of Solace,” and “Transitory Enchantment.”


In “Before Us,” “an ancient statue with broken fingers and worn out eyes” is evoked, a historical remainder of the fragility not only of the human body, but of history writing and rewriting itself. Seeing and blindness merge in this ancient statue’s eyes. What becomes of the witness when the eye turns weary? The answer is contained in the last line of this poem: “We eye these worldly things turning in on themselves and they are gone.”

“Transitory Enchantment” is a poem about many things: dreaming, love, fate, and the unconscious. Fred describes our quotidian struggles with a stark metaphor, “Our headway is very slow and is barely discernible under the dark night.” The dark night, a cloak under which we forever remain, for we can never understand now, this moment in time, until it has passed. Issues of temporality and with it, death and cyclical time, emerge from between the poem’s lines to grace the reader’s eye.Yet, alongside this barely discernible headway, there consists “A hidden strong current is the culprit trying to hold back all our dreams.” This current, which exists in all of us, could very well be the unconscious itself, the pull of our past, trauma and subjectivity swirling through us in the relentless struggle called life.

These six poems can be heard exclusively here. As always, your comments are appreciated and any feedback welcome.


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  1. alex says:

    Hi Fred,

    I really enjoyed Shush and TE….they both transported me outside of my own world into someplace more ancient and profound.

    thanks for sharing.



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