Tribute to 9/11

"The Shipyard" by Nuu

On October 2, Fred hosted Beyond Baroque’s open reading night. Texas Poet Laureate Cleatus Rattan was the guest reader. In addition to hosting the evening’s event, Fred  closed out the night with his own poem, “A City In Mourning”, which was a tribute to 9/11. He recounted a story about his cousin who, upon an instinct, did not go to work on that fateful day. Last month, Fred was in New York and the city was silent as he walked the streets. He came upon a little church and remembered the victims of 9/11 as he sat and wrote  “A City In Mourning.” This  poem was read in memory of the city, its silence, and a bird who broke the silence with song. The poem Fred read on this evening is available in audio form on this site under Readings.


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6 Responses to “Tribute to 9/11”
  1. Mark, I will be reading 3 poems this Sunday at Beyond Baroque. Those poems will be recorded and put up on my website to hear. We’ll place the poems on Pick Of Week in about two weeks. Thank you for your cogent comment.


  2. Mark Renton says:

    Hearing the poet speak the words himself elevates the work. It also clarifies the poems true meaning. Will there be anymore recordings posted?


  3. Karrie Mensing says:

    How moving… Simple and elegant like the bird’s song which holds great meaning- an exquisite poem!


  4. Brent Mosley says:

    Such a beautiful poem. Remembering a horrible day, but being reminded by that single little bird, that life goes on, even if it’s only one song at a time.


  5. Anita Brandt Burgoyne says:

    I love the simple beauty of this poem. The city’s sad silence broken only by the beautiful song of the little bird hidden in the little park. Lovely.


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