Odyssey of Night

Photography by Peter Macdonald

When the sound of
Your name is heard,
For there is the strange
Lingering of anxiousness
In the night,
Some taste fun,
Some taste fear,
What can be barely
Seen here is a lack
Of morning light,
We are penetrating
The peak of Midnight,
Ebony princess girls
Cause a stir in the
After glow of what
The Moon can ignite,
Chase the darkness
With lovers who love
In this tender night,
Caution is thrown to
The wind as we rise
To limitless heights,
Now comes the end
To running in the
Dangerous flight,
Nakedly she stands
At the edge of a
Wet azure Cliff in
full radiant sight,
Dare to touch her
where there’s an
endless falling of
emotional fright,
There is a promise
From a princess of
Lasting love all in
The Odyssey of
The Night.

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    Photography by Peter MacDonald


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