Passage Way

Photography by Richard Ehrlich

Dare we go there to the other side,
You have to leave your regard
Of a safe life behind,
You’re going places which seldom
Has a return,
Seek it, seek it, seek it,
For once you don’t you are
Surely dead,
Would you say there’s no value
Of your life?
To the contrary life is lost of
Value without going there,
For a life not or even half  lived
Is life not lived,
Taking chances with recklessness
Abandonment is where the future
Of a new life lies,
Then let’s sneak through the high
wire of lesser desire,
‘Cause you’re running deep with
A heart on fire,
Seek it, seek it, seek it,
Without retreat, without retreat,
Seeing it, seeing it, seeing it,
Being there, being there, being
All when you streak like a flash
of a dare devil’s flame through
Life’s dark forbidden passage

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    Photography by Richard Ehrlich.


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