Sacred Refuge

Original artwork by Bernard Marie Collet

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3 Responses to “Sacred Refuge”
  1. Anita Brandt Burgoyne says:

    I’ve never been very good at understanding the metaphors and meanings of poetry in general, but somehow listening to you (or someone else) read them make them so much more accessible.

    I love this poem. It makes me think about my dad who passed away 18 years ago. The place you describe seems so lovely, I’d like to think that’s where he is.

    Thank you, they’re like words of comfort.


  2. Dana P says:

    The Sacred Refuge is another FC poem that takes you deep. After listening a
    few times, I found it to be elusive like a dream but as vivid as the fully
    awake consciousness. Maybe somewhere in between. It’s in the mind and yet
    outside of the mind . . . and it’s both. It’s deep inside a dream and from
    that perspective, it’s the only reality. This is what it does to me.

    I love it.


  3. Development says:

    Original artwork by Bernard Marie Collet.


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