The Receiver

Original artwork by Anet Abnous

I came back to you and you anointed me with tears,
Can the hands of time be turned back or is that too much to ask?
Or is this a plea damned by looking twisted through a faded cracked looking glass where no questions are asked?
You shook your head and pointed straight-ahead,
We walked hand in hand through today and into tomorrow,
This is the joy that comes in starting over with you,
Now my tears anoint you.

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2 Responses to “The Receiver”
  1. Development says:

    Original artwork by Anet Abnous.


  2. Brent Mosley says:

    I take comfort in what this poem has to say. To me it gives hope and possibility to the idea of re-uniting with a lost love and taking up where we left off, but being in a better place than before.


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