Wind in Her Hair

The poem “Wind In Her Hair” originally came from a 1971 dream that Jim Morrison had right before he left for Paris, according to Danny Sugerman. When Fred Chandler was working in The Doors office with Danny in 2003 – adapting the screenplay of Wonderland Avenue – Danny told Fred of Jim’s dream about “a girl with wind in her hair riding a horse in a nightmare.” Chandler, a published poet, was inspired by this Jim Morrison story and wrote a beautiful poem.

Bruce Botnick (The Doors engineer), friend and poetry mentor of Fred’s, edited the poem into song lyrics as he did for Morrison’s poetry so many years ago when he was producing the LA Woman album for The Doors.

Catherine Martin (Academy Award winner for Art Direction of Moulin Rouge and Art Director for Baz Luhrmann’s recent movie Australia), had her creative team create a unique graphic, true-to-form image of William Blake in The Sick Rose. With an incredible print job, this beautiful poster was the end result!


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