Wind In Her Hair

Wind In Her Hair

from a lion’s lair
from a
Dungeon’s chair
from a killer’s despair
Running to a grave so near

Come on baby

on a black mare
from a rage of fear
on a star’s flare

Nothing’s right in the Land of a nightmare

From a world that Never was there.

The Girl with Wind in her Hair.

For Danny Sugerman
RIP 2005


Tribute song by Robert Lee Roth:

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5 Responses to “Wind In Her Hair”
  1. FC says:

    Fred Chandler’s poem, “Wind in her Hair” served as inspiration for a song by Robert Lee Roth, a singer from Norway who sang with the band Max Uflax. Roth is a fan of Fred’s poetry, which he says is brilliant, a cross between Jim Morrison and Arthur Rimbaud. Roth has since launched a solo career, where he endeavors in writing, singing, and poetry projects.

    A poster for “Wind in her Hair” can be purchased in the shop on this website. Academy Award winner Catherine Martin employed her creative team to design the poster. The limited edition print comes signed by both Fred Chandler and Bruce Botnick, who was an engineer for The Doors. 

    “I’m always touched when other artists read my work and use it in their medium. This is the second time a musician has created a song from a poem I’ve written. The musicians’ work never disappoints, only surprises. I hope you agree. Just listen…”Fred Chandler

    To hear Roth’s song inspired by Fred’s poem “Wind in her Hair,” click on the audio link below the poem.


  2. Bruce Botnick says:

    The wonderful thing about Fred is that he’s open and allows the poems to appear from that mysterious place in writers’ heads fully formed without him thinking about them. That’s a great gift.


  3. Patrick Doyle says:

    I was very touched when I received the poetry from Fred Chandler. I thought it was very moving and full of heart. This man has a wonderful soul and has lots of natural music in his blood.


  4. Development says:

    Catherine Martin (Academy Award winner for Art Direction of Moulin Rouge and Art Director for Baz Luhrmann’s recent movie Australia), had her creative team do a unique graphic, true-to-form of William Blake as in his The Sick Rose. Add an incredible print job, and this beautiful poster was the end result!


  5. Development says:

    Lyric’s edited by Bruce Botnick from 
the poem Wind In Her Hair. 10/17/08


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