Spring Reading at Beyond Baroque

On April 7, 2013, Fred Chandler read at Beyond Baroque’s spring reading. New to this site is a recording of three poems read at the historic Venice, California venue: “Renew,” “Sanctioned,” and “The Lure.” “Renew” is a snapshot of both the spring season as well as a metaphor for rebirth and new beginnings. The poem succinctly captures the small and often unseen mechanisms of life that are easily... Read More

New Audio Release - Beyond Baroque Select Collection

Fred’s new recording includes six new selected poems performed in the 
last three months at Beyond Baroque’s Sunday night open readings:
“Treasure Map,” “Kisses of Music,” “This Remains,” “Prodigy,” “The 
Hypocrite,” and “Mental Penitentiary.” “Thunder and rain plays like an orchestra…” Fred opines. Much like
 the lyrical play in his poems,... Read More

'Fred Speaks' available on iTunes

It’s official! Fred’s collection of poems on CD, entitled “Fred Speaks, Volume 1,” is available on iTunes now. The album contains 35 spoken word poems, for sale individually and as a single album. All the tracks can be previewed and downloaded. The CD was produced and recorded with Bruce Botnick, the record producer best known for his work with The Doors. Visit iTunes to get Fred’s first audio recordings and hear him... Read More