The Lure

Fred Chandler’s poem, “The Lure” was published in the latest issue of Voices Israel Annual Anthology.                 A day after walking on Laguna Beach in California, the image of a bird’s footprints wiped away by the last turn of the ocean’s wave proceeded to haunt him. This generated a poem, rising within him as a bird taking flight, and thereby came “The Lure.” ... Read More

Spring Reading at Beyond Baroque

On April 7, 2013, Fred Chandler read at Beyond Baroque’s spring reading. New to this site is a recording of three poems read at the historic Venice, California venue: “Renew,” “Sanctioned,” and “The Lure.” “Renew” is a snapshot of both the spring season as well as a metaphor for rebirth and new beginnings. The poem succinctly captures the small and often unseen mechanisms of life that are easily... Read More